To Shop or Not to Shop… Black Friday

For quite some time the day after Thanksgiving has turned into a huge shopping day for retailers everywhere. In the first years of this new founded tradition of shopping, consumers were getting seriously injured by other consumers. They would trample over each other, fight etc. Police would have to stand by at local retailers to ensure the public knew once those doors opened they need to be on their best behavior. Now it seems that the businesses and consumers are more conscious of these situations so they take other measures. For instance, businesses have started opening there doors on Thanksgiving Evening.

This year stores are petitioning their patrons via email for advance Black Friday sales by offering online deals, “Get your Black Friday deals before Black Friday.”

Should people patron on Black Friday or any pre-sale that calls itself “Black Friday?” Now I love a good deal. Does it really need to be called “Black Friday?” This issue has been raised before by the community. However, it wasn’t heard or perhaps it was ignored.

The real question is how do you feel about it? Will you be shopping Black Friday and why?

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