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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to get together and appreciate everything they have. As we all celebrate, what is your family Thanksgiving Tradition?

The American Thanksgiving tradition seems to be filled with the whole fixings. Some items may differ in style & taste, however, there are some items to be a staple on the table. Take the traditional turkey stuffed with dressing, cranberry sauce, and yams. Granted some families like their yams with marshmallows while others eat their yams candied.

My family traditional meal is the turkey stuffed with homemade cornbread dressing, homemade cranberry sauce, candied yams made from fresh yams, sweet potato pie, one pumpkin pie for the kids, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes.

I must admit I haven’t always cooked a Thanksgiving dinner. With work, visiting friends and family I never attempted to make a Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn’t until I was married with four kids under the age of seven that I decided it was time to start my family traditions.

I wanted my children to see mom making Thanksgiving dinner. I didn’t want them to have memories of always seeing their grandmother making a holiday dinner and never remember seeing their mom make it. I did what any good mom would do, I asked my mother-n-law for her recipes. I figured why not make Thanksgiving dinner the way my husband likes it. The kids like it that way and hey, I like it too. With her recipes and a little help from my husband I pulled off my very own family tradition.

So as we get ready for the holiday, I ask you again, what’s your family Thanksgiving tradition?

(Photo Credit: Huffington Post)