How Are You Wrapping Up 2015?

Wrapping UP

How will you be spending your last night in 2015? I hope you will be enjoying your night with the family and friends you love. Tonight is a night for fun, safe activities. I hope if you will be drinking tonight you plan to have you a designated driver. There are no excuses anymore for drunk driving. There are companies out there that are willing to take you where you need to go, just log in and sign up. For instance, I’m sure Uber will be very busy.

I will be spending the night with my husband and some friends. Thanks to Chantel Deniese for the invite to her 2015 New Year’s Eve performance with Soulicious. I will be sure to post pictures and write a blog on this event. Perhaps, that’s why I got the invite, lol. No, Chantel Deniese has been very generous with the invites to her events. I look forward to a wonderful ongoing friendship with her. She is a true gem.

So check out my Twitter & Instagram pages for some of tonight’s fun festivities.