A Blessing to Others

Gods Path, Pastor Tim

To whom are you a blessing to today?
Becoming a new Christian recently, has really opened up my eyes to how God has blessed me over the years. Blessings are not necessarily a material object. Blessings can be in the form of a talent you may have. For instance, I have been blessed with the talent of writing. For years I ignored the signs and whispers of how I am to be. I have strayed from the course, letting others influence me. In actuality, it is the influence of the wrong people. The influence was not needed. God placed inside me all that I am to be. The thoughts from others that  an artistic living is not beneficial to provide for your family was not to influence me in such a way that I would stray from the path. It was to challenge me in how strong I truly felt about my particular talent.

Thankfully, I came to my senses and started out for what God has placed on my heart to do. I have recently felt the amazing gift of knowing I am on the path that was set out for me. There is something deep down inside your soul that helps you to understand that you are on your path. I truly believe that if you are really in-tuned to your intuition, you will hear Gods whispers, in that He will answer your prayers. Granted, they may not be the answers you think you will hear. However,  I have learned over the years, when I do not listen to those faint whispers, it is then that my course changes. It is not always for the better.

To quote Pastor Tim Clark, “He pours out his blessing on you so you may in-turn become a blessing to others.” I use my many talents to become a blessing to others. I have blessed my family by helping them with items on the computer because yes, in this day in age, they still do not want to purchase a computer. lol. It is recently that I have decided to try to find other ways I can be a blessing.

So, I ask you again, to whom have you been a blessing to today?