Excited About Where God is Taking You?

Excited by

Are you excited by where God is taking your life? Or are you resisting the change He is doing in your life? These are two simple questions to ask yourself so you can move forward in his plan for you. I truly did not like these questions when I would be asked this by others. I did not understand at the time where God was taking me and my journey. I have had to learn to dig deep within my soul and not question “why did this happen” or “why me.”

At times I felt as if I was just living feeling like I was stuck in a rut doing what people expected from me. I was not living in my truth to make myself happy. Let alone living to make Jesus happy. Yes, I did have times where I was happy. However, when we talk about being happy about who you are and where God is taking you, I did not understand where I was going. To quote Bishop T.D. Jakes “I was in transition.”  It wasn’t until after I passed one of my transition periods that I began to hear T.D. Jakes and what he was talking about “Transition” that I fully understood what God what doing.

I am still in somewhat of a transition period where I am preparing my next steps for the next level God is taking me to. The difference between now and lets say three years ago is that I understand what He is doing. I am embracing what He is doing. I am learning what to do to help assist me in the next level of success for myself.

As I always like to say, “in order to take care of your family, you have to take care of yourself first.” To answer my own questions, I am excited about where God is taking me!