Inspire the next gen

What are you doing to inspire the next generation?
It is important to society that we as adults look after those who are going to be the next James Patterson, Coco Chanel, Michael Jordan.  Children in this generation need to be feed the knowledge and encouragement to reach their fullest potential in what ever path they choose.

I think it is important to do all that we can to help them on their journey. I have four children myself and I am providing them with all that they need for their journey. I have to future basketball players in my household. Yes, they are being encouraged to have the basic skills for that if they choose to stick with that industry. However. they are all being taught the fundamentals of life. For instance, to keep God first,  to be kind to others, a great work ethic, discipline, keep the passion in what they are doing, and last but not least, to give back to others.

I teach my children and the children around me the importance of these fundamentals. I believe with these basic principles you can and will achieve anything your heart desires. I hope you too will help inspire the next generation.




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