Noticing the ‘Little’ Signs in Life

little women

What do you do when you find the little signs in life that are aligned with the career you want or the career you are trying to obtain. It wasn’t until recently I connected the dots to my ‘little’ signs life was throwing towards me. I have always loved everything about writing as a child. It was a trial and error on my part as to what type of writing I will completing enjoy doing. As I mentioned, it wasn’t until recently that I noticed a sign.

As a child I loved watching “Little Women” with my aunt. As pictured above, I loved the 1919 version and the 1994 version of the movie. At the age of 9 or 10 years old, I was only watching the 1919 version. When the 1994 version came out, it was only obvious that I watch my favorite movie in the new version. In the movie “Little Women,” my favorite character was Jo March. Jo March was a writer at heart to the fullest. Always writing the stories in her head. Feeling like she did not fit in with what society expected of her. To marry a man and have children before she tried to pursue a career she wanted as a writer that just so happened to be a woman.

So much like Jo March, I too wanted to be a writer. I wanted to find the place where I fit in. Unlike her, I went in a path that lead to different choices away from writing. Always loving to write, finding ways to be close to it. Helping others with their writing in college. It wasn’t until my daughter asked me to tell a story that wasn’t in any books. It was then I decided to write again. This time writing as a career. Reassuring myself that it was the thing to do. Realizing that people who did not have their best at heart tried to keep them away from what they truly loved to do. Pushing forward into the destiny that is awaiting me. Fuller, richer, and doing what truly excites me, writing. In the days ahead, I write about what brings me joy. Things that I like to do, etc. Like the movie, Jo March gets advice to stop writing what she thinks people want her to write about and write what truly she is passionate about.

The question of the hour is, do you notice the ‘little’ signs in your life?