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Are you Addicted to Smoothies?

Addicted to Smoothies (1)

Can you ask yourself if you can recognize the signs of addiction? Addictions can be a very serious issue. Today’s addiction sign I am recognizing in myself is my addiction to smoothies. Yes, that is a very funny thing to think of for someone to be addicted to smoothies.

I think if I wasn’t in good health it could be a very serious issue for me. I love to make homemade smoothies. So much that I almost always wait until my kids are asleep so I don’t have to share it with them. Yes, that sounds cruel and selfish. But, being a mother of four kids in which, three of them love to take my food/smoothies. It’s not too hard to believe. But, they are not the only ones I have to worry about sharing with either. My husband never wants a smoothie until he hears me making one. Then he tells me, I know you made enough for me too right. Technically, I always do. But, that is never my intention to share with him. lol.

You don’t understand how I feel when I eat a smoothie. Or do you? I feel like I’m having a food orgasm. I always make it where I have to use a spoon to eat it. Slightly, thick but not too thick. When I put the spoon full of smoothie in my mouth I almost always close my eyes and moan that its mmm, mmm, good. It’s so good to me that I hate to be interrupted when I’m enjoying my smoothie. I love to eat it while I’m watching my favorite show at night. If its a cool night I grab a blanket and sit on the couch and watch my favorite daytime soap, General Hospital. Conveniently for me, I have DVR so I can enjoy it after a long day at work and after the kids are down to bed. Or I love to eat it while I’m watching my TGIT show line up, Scandal & How To Get Away With Murder.

What food addiction do you have? Leave your comments below. I’d love to have a conversation with you about your favorite food addictions.