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Eating to keep yourself healthy


Health should be one of the most important part of our lives. It is a topic that some seldom think about until they start feeling sick. It is a topic that has gotten me on a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change I never saw myself going down.

I used to eat at all times of the night. I would buy a half-gallon of ice cream cookies and cream flavor most of the time and it would be gone in two days. Yes, I ate it all by myself. It was a constant feel good moment for me. I was the one to always suggest that we go out to grab a burger if I was with a group of family or friends. Until, I found out I could no longer have dairy. I was lactose intolerant.

That was the worst feeling I had ever felt. Not being able to enjoy everything dairy that I so enjoyed. That means no more Baskin Robins for me. I still to this day struggle with not having dairy. Just not as severe as when I was first diagnosed with the issue about 12 years ago. As I started to learn how to weave out the dairy contents in my foods it was by trial and error. If some things made me sick I would cut it out of my diet.

Dealing with that I still did not learn to eat healthy. Lay off the fast food, the trans fats, etc. I just figured it would be alright for me to continue to eat the way I wanted. After all, I was only lactose intolerant. Well, my body decided to let me know that I could not eat the way I ate when I was twenty years old. I am now a mother of four, over the age of … well, we won’t say that number. The point is I am not getting any younger only older and I have to take care of myself.

I have been off the burgers for quite sometime. I already eat plenty of fruits and veggies. I eat baked fish at least once a week. I thought I was doing pretty good. Until I was getting so sick from eating so much fatty foods & chocolate. I mean chocolate. That’s crazy right.

So I have been on a you have to try new things kick. It is my way of weaving in more heathy foods into my diet. I have been trying more vegan foods, gluten-free foods. All so I can live a healthier lifestyle. Yes, I do have my slip ups once in a while. I take a probiotic daily and that has helped me with a healthier digestion. I am on an eat better feel better lifestyle change. I hope you will join in with me. We have a long life to live and I plan on doing my part in keeping my body healthy. How about you?