Drive-In the City: Keeping the Family Fun in a Big City Life

drivein the city

Living in a big city like Los Angeles can be hard to keep up an old tradition like going to a drive-in theater. Drive-in theaters date back to 1933 with the first one opened in Camden, New Jersey according to You can imagine how many drive-in’s are left in this country, certainly not as many as when they started. Our movie industry certainly help changed this factor. In the Los Angeles area alone there are only five drive-in movie theaters.

I happen to love drive-ins as a young child. So my husband and I decided to venture out and take our four children for a drive-in movie experience. I must say it was a fun yet crazy task. Whether or not you live in the city or just outside the city of Los Angeles you will encounter what is known to the locals as “LA traffic.”

Generally, this means that you will encounter traffic time of at least an hour give or take. Believe me it is more on the “give” side of time. Our fun-filled adventure started 2 1/2 hours before the movie started. If you have kids you know that is a huge task to have them go through just for “fun.” We had the plan to get ready and head out. It never fails that you have to do something before you venture out on a long drive in a car with kids.

So you start going down the initial check list, everyone head to the bathroom. This never fails even when you tell a child you have a long ride they will still have to go to the restroom before you get good into your trip.

Certainly, we did not even past Hollywood before my kids had to stop and go. So, to make the ride more enjoyable we stopped, they went, we got food, so we could continue on our ride. During our long car ride for a theater they had not fully comprehended we saw nature at its best. A beautiful rainbow. It was great to see on one hand and scary to see on the other hand.

California weather is so unpredictable I was worried when I looked ahead and saw what looked like rain clouds. To have driven so far without proper rain attire was one thing because you figure you will be in your vehicle the whole time. On the other hand, I couldn’t help but to think is it going to rain extremely hard that we would have to turn around. The last thing I would have hated to do was disappoint my children.

As we arrived to the theater, I was reminded of a life lesson. Always carry some type of amount of cash on hand just in case they don’t take card. Luckily for me they did. We took my kids to see The Jungle Book. It was a great movie. My older three kids loved the movie. My youngest on the other hand, she’s not ready for movies just yet. I certainly thought she could handle a drive-in movie. But, I was wrong.

With complaints of “when are we going to get there” & “how much longer” to “tell Zoey to leave me alone I can’t see the movie.” I would call it an overall success. With four children its hard to make all of them happy. But I certainly try everyday. I have my children asking to go see a movie they know will be coming out in June of this year, Finding Dory, at a drive-in theater.

I was happy I was able to show them what I call a dying breed. To show them they can have fun like I used to as a child was great.

Would you take your children to a drive-in theater in your town?