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Family Fitness Fun: What Are You Doing to Make Exercise Fun?

family fitness fun

Does your family exercise together? That is the question of the hour. How important is it for you to teach your children to exercise. I feel it should be on the very top of our list as a society. Too many kids today are taking the easy way out. With their electronic hover-boards and electronic scooters it is a different world that we live in.

It is very important to me to teach my children about exercise. Granted, I am getting back into the exercise regimen. I eat pretty healthy and I am always trying new foods. However, the realistic schedule I keep is pretty difficult to stick with an exercise plan. I was getting in my thirty minute walks every five days with work. However, that has stopped due to safety issues with the surrounding area.

So it is leaving me with no choice but to come up with a strategic plan that will get me moving with the time that I have. I want to do everything I can to keep my health up for myself and my family. I was told years ago by doctors and a physiology professor how important it was to my health to exercise. My professor was able to show me in our lessons how the body worked and at that time I was on the verge of postpartum depression. My hormone levels were all out-of-place and they all suggested exercise.

My husband is an active person & I have also seen a personal trainer that has taught me techniques to stay in shape that I hope to share with you here.

In order to get the whole family fit. I do a few different things. I have my boys in sports which keeps them very active. My girls are starting a sports activity soon too. When they are not doing their everyday running about the house, I like to take them to the park. Where my girls get to stay active by running around and playing and my boys get to play their favorite sport, basketball.

I have made it my goal to tell them how important it is to stay off the electronics for long periods of time. I always encourage play and of course reading. They don’t like it very much now. However, they will understand later when they already have a workout ethic deep down inside of them. That is what I am doing in my family to make exercise fun. How about you?