Mommy Time: Making Time For Yourself

making time for you

It is very important to make time for yourself as a parent in general. Lets talk about Mommy Time. What are your favorite things to do for you? Or is there anything that you do for yourself?

As a busy parent, we can sometimes forget to make special times out of the week to focus on the person that should be considered a priority, ourselves. As women, we seldom consider to place ourselves in that “priority” category.

Women are natural caregivers. As natural caregivers, we place others needs before ours. However, continually doing this can make for low self-worth without even noticing that we are doing this to ourselves. I am definitely a victim to this. Not placing myself in the “priority” category had effected the way I felt towards everyone. The bad thing about it, I used to feel guilty for considering myself as a priority once I became a mother.

Feelings of guilt is natural. However, it is what you do after you realize you are feeling guilty for thinking of yourself. Do you continue to live life feeling guilty for doing things that make you happy? Do you give yourself permission to enjoy the things that you used to before you became a mother and wife? How do you go about telling your family that it is about time you started taking care of yourself by doing things that you love?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself. Let me tell you what I did.

As I became a mother I had separation anxiety. I hated leaving my son with anyone. Naturally, I felt that with all of my children when they were babies. We all do. It is just something inside of us that we want to be with them 24/7. I some point I started to notice I wasn’t getting my hair done like I used to. I wasn’t getting my nails done anymore. I truly loved doing that. I always felt really “girly” when I got my nails done. I was not dressing up like I used to.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. I look great in “dressy attire.” However, I hate to dress up all the time. I am the “girly girl who loves to rock her Chuck Taylor’s and Levi’s. If I could wear that everywhere, I would.

So you can imagine, not dressing up for me was like  I was really “bumming it.” I truly just started to ache inside to the point where I knew something was wrong. That’s when I had the epiphany that I had to put a stop to me feeling like I can’t take care of myself. I was giving all of me to everyone but me. That is the biggest “no-no” in the book. You can not give all of you away because you we lose yourself in them.

I have since started to make time for myself. I started to go to the nail salon again to get my nails & spa pedicure done.  I love to go out shopping to find me some new attire. Yes, I still rock the Chucks and Levis. The only difference is when I go out I do dress up my Levis with some heels and a great top. No what I will say is I do need to add some more dresses to my attire. Recently dropping weight to a smaller size has left me plenty of room for some “me” shopping time.

Like I just mentioned I like to go out. Granted, I may not go out every month on some fancy outing. Simply getting some alone time for me every two weeks and even some alone time with my husband every month helps me feel like a woman. Not just a mom.

The important thing to remember is we were women first. We were women before we had children. We will be women after they are all grown up. Don’t wait until they are out of the house before you get your “me” time.