Getting Over That Mid-Week Hump

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What gets you over that mid-week hump? Is it knowing that Friday is just around the corner or perhaps could it be that you aren’t bothered by the drag of the week.

I would love to know. When that mid-week hump comes for me. I get so excited. I look forward to a break from the whole running around during the week. I work full-time, I have three kids to get to school and one kid to get to the sitter all before I go to work. I schedule time for me to write, study my craft and launch my new business with my partner, my husband. I am a very busy person. When the weekend comes I look forward to some relax time.

I truly love the weekend. I try to remind myself to relax take deep breaths the weekend it just around the corner. I can sit and enjoy my children. Take them to the park or the mall. Just something to do so we can bond as a family. Thinking of all these things come Wednesday, helps me to prepare for that hurdle over the mid-week.

I have started something new also. I try to remember to sit back and relax with a good book if it is getting too crazy. My husband and I like to sit and watch reality Tv. Yes, it is junk food for the brain. However, if you need to unwind from a hectic day, it is great to just sit back and do nothing.

I love to learn new things. It is just the way that I am. If you would love to share your ways for getting over that mid-week hump I would love to hear them. Please comment below and we can start a discussion on the subject matter.