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Healthy Kid Friendly Meals: Baked Salmon with Organic Pasta & Veggies

salmon for kids

What kid loves Salmon? Not at all a crazy question. I would say it is a fifty-fifty choice in my household. How about in your household? Need a way to introduce Salmon to your kids in a way they would eat it? I have just the way that will get them to at least try the new dish.

Like I mentioned it is fifty-fifty in my house. Let me elaborate on that. My boys love fresh whole salmon when their father makes it for the whole family. My husband makes a great sweet glazed salmon with a rice pilaf and some grilled veggies to add for a well-balanced meal. However, my girls have a hard time eating the fresh salmon. They don’t like the texture of the salmon and have a hard time eating it. They will literally only eat their side dishes when my husband makes this dish.

Wanting them to eat salmon and gain their omega-3’s, I found a way to do it. With having such a large family we like to shop at Costco for the bulk of our food purchases. It saves me time and money. As a mom that loves to save a buck, that always counts. Costco has a great frozen package of salmon patties that can be used for burgers or clearly whatever you would like to use it for. I purchase this pack of frozen salmon patties and bake it in the oven. As pictured, above it looks just like a burger patty.

Instead of placing it in a bun I like to add some of the kids favorite sides with it. Pictured is an organic white cheddar pasta with mixed vegetables. My girls love it!! They eat it without any problems as far as texture or taste. My oldest daughter loves it with a tartar sauce and the baby she is still in the stage of no dipping sauce with anything. For example, not even ketchup for her fries.

The fact that my girls love it this way, I will make it more for them rather than the fresh whole salmon. When we do want to make fresh salmon, I will accommodate my girls by adding a salmon patty so I can make sure they are getting their protein with their meals.

My boys will eat any and everything when it comes to salmon. My oldest son is nine and can eat two whole patties for dinner along with sides. He is eating so much almost like an adult. Which, freaks me out because I can only imagine his huge appetite once he hits his teenage years.

Now the name brand I use for the salmon patties is Trident Alaskan Salmon Burgers. They are made by wild caught salmon filets not ground salmon. In the oven they don’t take very long to cook. The directions are on the back of the package. I suggest you try them out. Hope you and your family will enjoy them like my family does. Let me know how it goes if you decide to try it out. I would love to hear from you.