Nap Time: To Nap or Not To Nap


To nap or not to nap, that is the question today. Do your children take the nap they should be taking at a young age? Normally, your pediatrician would recommend that your child get the proper hour nap time during their day. But, do they take that time to nap or do they fight you and that sleep to stay up?

As a parent, we need that extra time to ourselves and look forward to that nap time our children take. But, do they take that nap time easily? I know my children never went down for a nap like they should have. I have tried every trick in the book. It did not necessarily work in the way I wanted it to work. For instance, someone recommended to me when I first had my son to “act” like I was sleeping next to him and he will go to sleep. Yeah, that didn’t work.

I would do that and my son would fall asleep. But, the problem was that I would fall asleep with him. I think I tried that for all three of my older children. I think I gave up with the last one. She is just a trickster when it comes to nap time. She likes to pretend she is asleep or she just wont go. She will try to stay up for as long as she can. In which, results in her falling asleep in the car on the way home after I pick her up or falling asleep before she eats dinner.

Zoey pretending she’s sleeping on a car ride.

That sounds great right, your child going to sleep without a fuss before dinner. Can you imagine. Peace and Quite. Until, that moment right before you go to sleep at 11 pm, your child wakes up hungry and wanting to play.

Zoey has done that to me lots of times. I pick her up from the babysitter and she sleeps on the way home. I think I’m in the clear for a sleep through the night episode.

Then reality hits, I am not lucky that for that to happen that day. She thinks that is just the funniest thing in the world. I’ve gone with only four hours of sleep on these days. I seem not to be able to get her to sleep until its super late.

Now I have had times where she actually falls asleep and sleeps through the night. That is a life saver. I don’t like that she doesn’t get her dinner. But, I have learned from her pediatrician that its normal and if she falls asleep like that its ok. I won’t hurt her. Especially, if its only a handful of times.

Zoey wide awake in the car after a nice trick on Mommy.

Now kids naturally should take a nap. Like I demonstrated here they don’t always like to take their nap. I know some adults that love a good nap.

I for one love a good nap. Especially after a good meal. I never seem to get a nap until the weekend. If my weekend is not jammed packed with activities, I love to get a good nap in.

As a mother we tend to overextend ourselves during the week. I am not going to leave out dads because I know some great dads out there that do the same thing.

We overextend ourselves during the week with work, school drop-offs & pickups, grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, etc. I for one stay up late, get up early. All in one day running on five hours sleep with trying to cram in more in a day then I should. Yes, I know that is a topic for another day.

The thing to remember is it is important to get your full amount of recommended sleep each and everyday. I am working on getting that myself. But, until then, I will continue to take me a good nap once in a while. How about you?