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Memorial Day: Food Ideas for the Non-BBQ Lover

memoria day non lover

Memorial Day is coming up and do yo know what to cook for the one that doesn’t like to eat BBQ? We can take care of that worry now. I am a person that likes BBQ, but it doesn’t bother me if I don’t eat it at a function.

I’d rather have something else to eat these days. Let me give you a few points of reference. I used to eat BBQ but no longer should eat it. Most of the items are fatty and frankly I’d rather not. As a kid, I used to love eating BBQ ribs. But, let my dad tell it, I didn’t know how to eat a rib. Really, are you kidding.

That is a phrase I have heard all too many times. From my father down to my husband. lol. Just because I don’t eat the fat off the bone. Sure, I know some people may disagree with me, and think that is the best part. But, for me if that what it takes to knowing how to eat a rib,  I will pass.

So here are a few good choices for that picky lover at your BBQ event this holiday season.

  1.  Smoked Espresso-Rubbed Brisket Sandwich by Chef Robert Irvine. A great choice to help your guest feel like they are eating a BBQ item.
  2. Salmon Burger by Chef Robert Irvine. A great choice for that seafood item at your feast.
  3. Fish Tacos with Creamy Lime Guacamole & Cole Slaw by Chef Kerry Simon. The Food & Wine website list this fish taco as a healthy version of the California Fish Taco staple that is normally beer battered. A great choice for something quick and fresh tasting for your BBQ event.
  4. Homemade Chicken Fingers courtesy of the Food Network Kitchen is a great idea for the kids. This idea can be a great add not to just your BBQ event, but also to your everyday dinner menu.
  5. Turkey Avocado Club Sandwich courtesy of the Food Network Kitchen. Nothing taste better to me then a great turkey avocado sandwich. As the true Californian that I am,  I love avocados.  Nothing goes better on a sandwich then an avocado.

I hope these gives you a good idea to add to your festivities. Let me know which one you decide to try. I would love to hear how your party event turned out. Post your comments below.

Peace, Love, & Knowledge