gift ideas for dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to show the dad in your life how much you appreciate them by getting them something they would love that doesn’t hurt your pockets.

Father’s day was always complicated for me being a child from a single parent home. My dad was off on his own so there were times I never got him a gift. All I would do for him is give him a phone call to say “Happy Father’s Day.” However, I would get my mom an extra gift to say thanks for being there. For those times I had to make something in school, I would give my Father’s Day project to her. Granted my father and I have rebuilt our relationship since then.

Now that I am married with children, I love to help my children buy their father a great gift.

Here are some of my fave gift items for dad:

  1. For the Techie: A Best Buy gift card. A gift card is great. Especially, when you are not quite sure if they have that gift you are thinking about. The gift card will ensure you don’t buy them a gift they already have. They have lots of different gadgets like a new iPad or Dell accessory they may want.
  2. For the Handyman: A Ryobi Drill Kit. I must say, I saw a commercial for this the other night and they nearly sold me on this product. I think its worth taking a look at it to see if your handyman would love it. If my handyman didn’t already talk me into his gift I would have bought this for him. It did peak his  interest.
  3. For the Man’s Man: A nice G-Shock WatchOne of the best watches around, I even purchased a different version of this one for my eldest son for his birthday last year. The G-Shock watch is a great watch that all men love! I will say it looks great on them too.

These are just a few choices of gift ideas for dad that won’t hurt your pockets. Hope you find dad something he’ll love.



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