Mommy Time: Spa Day

spa day

There comes a time when you are feeling so overwhelmed that you just need that hour to yourself. You may even feel that time approaching more often than not. If you are feeling the mommy blues, then that’s when you need to schedule you a spa day.

Why a spa day you ask? The question should be why not a spa day? There is nothing better than to schedule a day at the spa. If you are pressed for time, try to get away for one hour a month.

A great get away is just what the doctor ordered. Just picture it. Scheduling yourself a massage to get rid of that work week stress. Or getting rid of the stress from having multiple children in the house fighting over who did what to whom. Calm soothing music a nice relaxing room and a great massage.

Scheduling myself a spa day has been something I have been looking forward to doing by myself. It is something I used to do years before I met my husband and settled down and had my children.

I am a spoiled brat that loves to ask her husband to give her a massage nightly. However, the only problem with that is he doesn’t always want to do it.

Sitting at a desk all day five days a week can cause some muscles to get tense. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. If I can help encourage someone to think about putting into action some “me” time, I am happy I can do that.

I have vowed to set a goal for myself to set some time aside once a month to go to the spa. It is the least I could do for myself. Hey, if you need some more encouragement on this subject I have it for you.

Think of it this way, if you have a husband/significant other that has been taking on this role you are giving them a break. You are killing two birds with one stone. You are giving them a break and more importantly you are getting the much deserved relaxation you need.

I would love to see your before post at the spa you decided to go to. Tag me on Instagram (@sdhndrsn_writer) with your photo #SD_SpaDay.