Summer Tips: Beach Outings with the Family

beach outings

It is June 15th and summer is around the corner. The first day of summer is June 20th. Technically it starts that evening. But, that doesn’t keep us from planning our summer does it?

Every summer is never fails the last day of school my kids ask me can they go to the beach for summer vacation. Of course, the Southern California girl that I am, my answer is always YES.

Being that the official first day of summer is just five days away I can’t contain myself. I am so excited. I am already planning out our beach outings for the summer. Doesn’t that sound divine… the cool summer breeze, the sandy beaches, a blanket & the kids kicking sand around.

Well not exactly the relaxing picture but, it is a great picture when you have kids. Building life long memories for them & having fun at the same time is the key. I am going to give you a few of my favorite beaches to go to with the family this summer in Southern California.

S.D.’s Top 3 Beaches for This Summer

  1. Redondo Beach, Redondo Beach, CA. I love Redondo Beach. I have been going here since I was a kid. It has everything you may want to do. You can spend the afternoon on the beach, hit the boardwalk with your bike or if you’re like me skates, and have a great workout in the beautiful scenery. Or if you are looking for some indoor fun, there is shopping on the pier and restaurants overlooking the ocean.
  2. Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA. Santa Monica Pier has lots of fun activities for the whole family, including a Ferris Wheel.
  3. Venice Beach, Venice Beach, CA. A historic tourist attraction it is. Venice Beach has everything from shopping, to Muscle Beach, skate park, entertainment, & of course the beach. It gets very packed during the summer days so plan accordingly.

With the Pacific Ocean right on the coast of California, there are many more beaches to go to ranging in all sizes. You have to find the right one for you and the family and what it is that you are looking to do in your summer beach outing.

One thing to remember while your planning your summer beach outing is the summer safety rules. Check out my Summer Tips: Road Trip check list to help aid in your summer beach outing. All you have to do is add the beach blanket & toys to build that perfect sand castle or like we love to do every summer a “dad” castle. Kids  for some reason love to bury their dad in the sand. I think it’s the fact that dad looks so funny.

If you can capture someone in the sand & they give you their permission to blast it on social media tag me on instagram (@sdhndrsn_writer) #BeachOuting, I would love to see your family fun!!