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How Do You BREAKfast?

how do you breakfast

Do you rip and run about town in the morning without grabbing a good breakfast or do you take your time and get the nutrients your body needs to get the day started? Breakfast has been proven to be an important meal of the day. But, many of us do not take the time out to get a good balanced meal.

I am guilty of this fast breakfast on the go as well. I love a good breakfast. The whole nine yards. I used to be a huge fan of the french toast with scrambled eggs and bacon breakfast. Who doesn’t love that. My new all time favorite these days is a whole wheat pancake breakfast with bacon, scrambled egg whites, sliced fruit and some almond milk.

I don’t normally have time to eat a breakfast like that. I am usually running around trying to make sure my children get off to school and the sitter on time so I find myself grabbing whatever I can get that is fast and easy.

As of lately, my youngest daughter has been asking me for a McDonald’s breakfast. So, I obliged because its fast. The difference is I choose an oatmeal breakfast with sliced apples and dried cranberries.

S.D.’s Starbucks breakfast: Almond Croissant & Mocha Frappuchino w/Soy & Banana

A bit on the healthier side of their menu. But, when I do fix a meal at home for my kids only I grab me something quick. Because I am usually short on time.

I usually go out and grab me a Starbucks quick breakfast. Pictured to the left is the breakfast I had just yesterday. I posted this to my social media account.


S.D.'s Vegan Muffin from Sprouts Market
S.D.’s Vegan Muffin from Sprouts Market


It is really fun to grab and go most of the time. I do realize I do it all too often. Like most parents that are on the go all the time. The better question would be do we need to slow down and enjoy a good meal? The answer to that would be yes, for me at least. I am consciously aware that I do. Are you?