Fighting The Summer Cold

fighting the summer cold

The first day of summer is officially here. With the dramatic climate changes that have hit. How do you protect yourself and your family from getting that dreaded summer cold?

I wish I had a sure proof way to keeping the family safe from the summer cold. Truth is, all we can do is to try to protect ourselves from getting a cold before hand. If we slip off that track, we can do the things needed to get rid of the symptoms.

For example, prevention is the number one key. As a parent we all know that is not always possible when your children are around other children that may be sick with a cold.

Here are a few ways we can prevent ourselves from getting a summer cold:

~ Eating & Maintaining a Well Balanced Meal with all the nutrients our body needs. I know, that is not always possible when its summer time. With the kids out of school and the family on a vacation whether it is mini or not sitting down for a good meal helps our bodies get the nutrients it needs.

~ Taking our daily vitamins. Taking your daily supplemental vitamins everyday helps your body get the nutrition in that meal you cheated on.

~ Getting plenty of rest. What I have found is that when your body does not get the rest it needs it leaves you more vulnerable to catching a virus or cold. Schedule not permitting you to get your rest during the week? Slow down and reevaluate your schedule. Make sure you are getting your rest.

That dreaded thing happened. You got that summer cold. Now what do you do? Well, you see how bad your cold is and then you figure out the proper measure of how to take care of it. Always remember, Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold. A great saying that is easy to remember.

It always helps me in fighting off that cold. Trust me. I had a cold for a couple of days ago and I remembered this saying.

So I set my Plan of Action:

~Get Some Rest. Clearly, I didn’t do that prior. My body was vulnerable to this cold.

~Eat some home cooked meals that are healthy and provide me with lots of nutrients. 

~Take my vitamins. I too forget to take my vitamins once in a while.

~Drink lots of fluids.

~More Rest. This is probably the best thing you can do is to get lots of rest.

I hope this will help you this summer fight that dreaded summer cold. I know it helped me.