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Yummy Vegan Treats


vegan treats

What is your favorite treat? Is it a vegan dessert? Is it a vegan item at all? Have your crossed over to the other side? I love desserts and treats, all the while keeping with a healthy attitude. I have recently crossed over to the other side. One year ago you wouldn’t have found me eating any type of vegan dish.

I must say I am starting to eat more vegan meals each day. The vegan treat seems to be my favorite now. I love a good vegan muffin. Here is the reason why.

Vegan foods do not have anything processed with animal products. For that, I can appreciate a good tasting vegan meal or dessert. I am not saying I am totally vegan. However, anytime I can avoid anything with dairy it is worth a shot for me.

I can’t have anything made with dairy. I have found that the best way to avoid it all together is to go vegan when I can. There are some snack items I have found shopping that are gluten & dairy free that are vegan. I will say those are the first thing I go to grab.

Healthy eating is so important for all of us to do. I know I am going to try to do what I can on my part to be healthy. Genetics is another story that can be over looked on some genetically proven diseases if you do your part. For instance, diabetes runs in my family. So, to counteract family genetics I eat healthier.

Sprouts is a great grocery store to find some healthy options for you and your family even if you don’t want to go to the other side to Veganville. I get all my vegan items at Sprouts. They have flavorful baked goods.

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Just take a look at this wonderful pan of muffins they have displayed on their website. That alone would make me want to go in and grab one. If it stokes your taste bud curiosity go in and grab a vegan muffin. They are truly yummy!!

Let me know if you decided to venture out and try a vegan treat/meal. Let me know if you already go vegan and why. I would love to hear from you.