Throwing the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Child

kids party

Throwing the perfect birthday party for your child? Sounds like fun right. Celebrating their special day with lots of fun and of course birthday cake. But, how do you determine what the perfect birthday party will be?

Is it something you go on depending on how much you spend. The more the merrier kind of attitude. Is it the what ever my child wants, my child get’s attitude. Is it the what I can afford is what they will get kind of attitude?

Everyone wants their child to be happy for their birthday. It is something all parents have in common. The only thing that is different is the types of parties we may throw for our children. Of course, it is very suiting. Some of us have boys and some of us have girls. Those differences do count when throwing a party.

You want to consider the theme and character that your child loves. I have thrown parties at establishments because I just didn’t have time or I didn’t want to clean up after the party. I wanted to pay someone to do it for me. I have thrown parties where my husband and I did all the work.

The parties that are at establishments seem to always be super expensive because my kids asked me for a certain type of party. For instance, a party at a small Mini Golf park that was equipped with the whole nine yards. Mini Golf, Rock Climbing, Go-Karts (kids size & adult size), Batting Cages. This list goes on.

My kids were always grateful. Always had fun. However, I put a stop to it because it just seemed that is not a smart economical thing for me to do as a parent of four children.

It wasn’t until recently that I threw a party for my son at the park that I realized it was the simple parties that really count. It was a type of party that I have not thrown in years. A party at the park equipped with a themed bounce house. Food prepared by myself, games & bounce house was all we had besides the guest. My son loved it more than any other party in the world.

Check my Instagram @sdhndrsn_writer for pictures of my son’s birthday party. Leave a comment of your child’s favorite birthday party.