Are You Dazed & Glued to Your Computer

dazed and glued

The daily grind is real. Working from a desk with your morning cup of coffee beside you. Not realizing you are glued to your seat and to your computer. All you know is that you are doing the work that needs to get done.

Then you find yourself opening your favorite accessible internet browser. Going to your favorite site when you should be working. It’s just something that is inside of you calling to you.

No matter how long that work day is, even when you step away you hear that little voice “Check Your ______.” Whichever is your favorite site. It may be more than one. Even at the dinner table you are finding yourself more and more disengaged with who is in the room with you.

It is the terrible reality for a lot of people. It has been for some time now since social media has hit the scene. We find ourselves checking in on people to see what is going on in their lives or going on in the world. Instead of picking up the phone to call someone or turning on CNN to find out world news. The terrible thing is that it is not changing any time soon.

One way we can stop checking in so frequently is when you are at dinner turn your social media account notifications off. Give that person your full attention. Show them that they mean the world to you and not your social media account. If you have a family, help your children by taking them to get exercise outside or at the gym, to name a few, so they don’t fall into the same “dazed & glued” spell that everyone else has.

I am one to love social media. I find myself looking at all my notifications on a regular. The difference I have started is just what I mentioned, turn the notifications off, or simply ignore them. Pick a more appropriate time to check them. Not while you are supposed to be engaging in conversation with someone who is right in front of you.

Hope this will help some one be more engaging to the person that is right in front of them.

~Peace, Love, & Happiness