Happy Independence Day!!

The Henderson Kids July 4th 2015
The Henderson Kids July 4th 2015

It’s that time of year again where we celebrate our freedom, Independence Day. A day where we get together with friends and family and enjoy good food, conversation, and fireworks.

I love taking my children to watch fireworks. It is the best thing to do. In Los Angeles, it is illegal to light fireworks in some cities. In which, makes for a not so fun time. Especially, if you as an adult remember having a great time even lighting the handheld sparkler firework.

If you need a refresher, the sparkler firework is a handheld firework that burns slowly while the top of the stick sparkles. Those used to be my favorite. My children will not be able to experience it in that fashion because of the laws that  were placed in the cities around us.

However, as dull as that might seem we still find lots of ways to have fun. Watching the light shows in Burbank, CA is a super way to add to our already special day.

In my family Independence Day is an extra special day. On this day seven years ago we were celebrating the birth of a baby boy. Celebrating in the only way we could with fireworks. My son Matthew was born on Independence Day. True to his birth date, he is as independent as he can be.

For the longest time, he thought everyone around us were celebrating his birthday. It was the cutest thing. As he got older he was able to understand the true meaning of the day.

As you may know, having a birthday on a national holiday on top of it being in a summer month can be very hard on a parent trying to plan a birthday party. Kids are not in school, people like to vacation during the summer months, lets face it people usually do their yearly traditions on July 4th.

I have conquer the dilemma of the holiday birthday. If you would like to know the answer to conquering the holiday kid birthday party, plan ahead & have it a week or two before the holiday to ensure friends will be in town for the party. I will say doing this is a life saver. It also makes for a two-party celebration for your holiday baby. You can catch a glimpse of our birthday celebration for our Independence baby boy on my Instagram @sdhndrsn_writer.

Hope you enjoy your Independence!!!