The Girly Girl

girly girl -shoes

A lover of all things girly, I truly love my casual look. Do you question your “girly” look? I sure don’t. I wear Adidas Superstars, Chuck Taylor’s, & jeans everyday. Well, just about everyday. I love to be a girly girl who is comfortable. Comfort transcends different meanings to all.

Comfort for me is a pair of tennis shoes with jeans and a great shirt to go with the look. A mother of four, I look for the shoes I know will not hinder me from running after my children, should I have to try to keep them safe. I would not want my hills to keep me from where I have to go.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am all woman who knows how to take myself from casual to-night out without a problem. I am not afraid to venture out into the world in jeans & tennis and not a business suit all the time.

If the time calls for a very important meeting with an account executive, can you switch for the task at hand or do you need proper time to prepare? Do you like to dress casual or do you stay geared up in dressy clothes 24/7?

I love to look presentable all the time. Now someone may catch me that one time not too presentable. If there calls for a special event, I am geared up for the occasion. I just don’t have it in me to do it 24/7.

Maybe, one day in the near future I will cross over to the dark side of dressing up all the time. Perhaps, maybe when I am not rushing all four of my children out the house so I can do school drop offs & getting myself to work on time during the work week. I can slow down, take a few extra minutes and dress up during the work week.

Let me know how you love to dress. Dressy, Casual, or Dressy Casual. I would love to hear from you. #TeamSupermom #WorkingMomOf4