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Keeping On Track With Your Fitness Goals

fitness goals on track

Keeping up with your fitness goals can be difficult. However, it is important that you attempt to stick with your goal as best you can. I for one struggle from time to time with sticking with a set goal. For example, I set a goal to go to the gym three times a week, lets say Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I don’t make it in on Wednesday. I start to feel guilty that I didn’t make it in that day.

The question for us is though we missed a day, do we stick with the plan we set for ourselves or do we just forget about it and continue on with the week as if it did not happen?

Falling into the self trap that you will just continue on as if it didn’t happen will catch up to you in the worse way. It can lead to other poor choices that you won’t like. For instance, making a poor food choice. Perhaps, you will choose to eat that burger you promised yourself you wouldn’t eat anymore. Or that 1/2 gallon of ice cream in the refrigerator that is just staring you in the face every time you open up the freezer.

I have been there. Promising myself I will exercise two to three times a week and then not sticking to it. The question you have to ask yourself is it worth it not to make up a day in the gym? Am I doing all I can for myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Here are some suggestions to help you stay on track:

  1. Analyze. Analyze your situation. Come up with a realistic goal that will be easy for you to maintain. Should life happen and you need to miss, it can be easily made up another day.
  2. Maintain. Stick with your fitness goal. It may take you a while to achieve it depending on the amount of fitness needed. But, keep it up. Slow and Steady wins the race. I think that not going over your food portions paired with exercise will help you maintain the goal
  3. Reward. Reward yourself with a special treat. An incentive for keeping you on track is a great reward. However, just because you are rewarding yourself doesn’t mean go overboard. Choose your reward wisely. Make it a healthy reward. For example, I love sweets which is not always healthy. I would choose for my reward a small portion of Fresh Strawberries with a Banana, Coconut Milk Yogurt & Granola. Its healthy and I won’t feel bad for indulging a little. Should that happen.

Hope these tips will help you maintain your fitness goals.