Mommy Time: Girls Night Out

girls night out

Ever feel like you need a girls night out? You are not alone. The best thing we as mothers can do for ourselves is to take some much-needed time away from the husband and kids and focus on just us.

Time with our girl friends is what helps us stay sane. Time to be who we are as women and not just as mothers and wives. It gives us time to relax, take a breather. Most importantly have fun.

I love to go out and have fun with the girls. Even if it is only once a month or once every two months. I know once every two months doesn’t seem like enough fun time for mom, but I will say it is definitely needed.

It doesn’t matter how much you schedule time with your girls, as long as you are scheduling that time. With hectic schedules all the way around, I’m sure that any time is well worth it.

My most favorite girls night out activity is movie night. It gives me a chance to catch the new movie coming out that is strictly for women, “chick flick.” My husband loves me, but would rather stay home with the kids than to see & sit through a total “chick flick.”

Which, brings to mind the new movie coming out in theaters Friday, July 29th, Bad Moms by Block Entertainment & STX Entertainment. Now, I do not fancy myself as a “bad mom.” However, I think this movie will touch on many topics moms are afraid of saying or telling other moms for the fear that they will be placed into that category as being a “bad mom.”

I also feel with the star-studded cast this movie has will bring for lots of fun & laughter for you and your girl friends.

I will be scheduling my next “girls night out” for a “chick flick” movie to see “Bad Moms.” Will you? Let me know. Comment or tag me on Instagram @sdhndrsn_writer  with your girls night out photo  #GirlsNiteOut

Can’t wait to see your photos!! Have fun!!