Social Media & Raising Children

social media and kids

How do you raise a child in today’s society with the access to social media? Do you join society and let them have a cell phone? Do you let them join Facebook and other social media sites? Do you stand strong on your ideas for or against the topic?

Very valid questions for parents to ask themselves. My husband and I have gone through this discussion and topic for quite sometime. What is the appropriate age for our children to get a cell phone? Battling between the other kids have cell phones, do we let our oldest son have a cell phone?

All a very scary subject for parents in today’s society. Lets face it, today’s society is not like it was when we were growing up. There are more avenues for predators to gain access to your children. Social media sites that are up for adults should have very secure sign up choices to prevent kids from lying and gaining access. We all know if it had more questions for adults to answer,etc we probably would not want to join that site.

Teaching children the proper social media “rules” is one thing. Them listening and following your very specific directions is another. Lets face it, kids will be kids. They will hear about a site that their older friend tells them about. The curiosity will begin to sink in.

What if they don’t have a cell phone? There is no way they will remember that or will they? The answer to this is they will remember that one day. Will they do what you have taught them & not go on to any site they know that can’t be on or will they disregard your teachings and fall into the curiosity trap?

Who knows. We can only hope that what we have taught our children will stick with them for their own safety and well-being.