Back to School Shopping: Are You Ready?

back 2 school shopping

It’s almost that time of year. Back to school time. I don’t know about you, but I definitely try to get the bulk of my shopping over and done with two weeks before school starts.  Why? It’s simple. I don’t like to get to the store and be out of what my kids really like.

You know how it is. The good stuff. All the new popular items are always sold out before school starts. There is only the scraps. It’s almost seems like the stores count down with us so they don’t order anymore items to make sure they have stock before the big back to school day is here.

They want to make sure they don’t get left with a massive amount of school items no one wants. It’s understandable. But, I sure don’t want to be out there scrambling for items my kids need for school. Do you? I have a few things for you to help you with your back to school shopping needs.

S.D.’s Back To School Shopping Tips:

1. Before you start shopping clean out the old school years items, if you haven’t done it already. Make a list of the items you want to purchase.

2. Be sure to ask your kids their favorite must have item so you won’t forget it on your list.

3. Start shopping the ads for the best deals in your area.

My favorite places to go for Back to School Shopping:

1.  Toys-R-Us. I love their deal, buy a backpack and get a free lunch pail deal. I love it because it saves me some money and my kids love getting a matching lunch pail. Also, they have sales on thermos. Buy a thermos get a thermos free. Currently, I am waiting for that deal to start.

2. Burlington Coat Factory. They have name brand clothes for a reasonable price. Now, you do need to keep in mind depending on the area of the store they may sell out a lot quicker than their other stores.

Now, just because I only listed two stores does not mean I don’t hit up the other stores with the great deals. Like I mentioned, shop the ads for the best deals. For instance, when Old Navy has a great sale, go grab so nice jeans for your boys or for your daughters. Hey, while you are at it, grab you a pair too. It doesn’t hurt for mom to rock some nice gear too. Hope these tips work for you like they do for me.

I would love to see the items you found in your back to school shopping. Check my Instagram (@sdhndrsn_writer) for #Back2School pictures of my girls favorite items.