An Excuse to go Overboard?

shoe shopping for kids

Do you need an excuse to go overboard when you go shoe shopping for your kids? Is it just something you rationalize as “it’s because they need it?” Do your kids convince you to buy them the name brand shoes that go overboard in price?

As we approach back-to-school, I find it a topic that comes up often. It seems to always put a soar taste in my mouth. Why? The only way I can explain it is the reality of my kids are growing up and they want the name brand items. They are not little babies anymore.

They have their own style & are growing into their own. Yes, my kids are all under ten years old. It doesn’t stop the fact that even my five year old daughter has her own style. However, I have a few years before she really starts exercising her vocal opinion of what “type” of shoes she should wear.

My boys.. That’s another topic. In most cases a family with multiple children, the oldest seems to set the tone. Indeed, the way my children are. My oldest son will be ten soon and has always had an eye for the “name brand” shoe. His younger brother follows suite. He wants to be just like his big brother.

For instance, his request for back to school is the new Kyrie Irving Crossover 2 Shoe. The shoes run about $99.99 for boys sizes. Not even considering the prices for men. Yes, we are a sports family. We love to watch sports & my boys love to play sports.

It’s only a natural thing for them to want the shoes they see the players wear. I get it, they want to be popular, express their own styles. The best way I handle their particular wants for a name brand shoe is by the following:

  • Do they behave & do well in school? Yes.
  • Are the shoes made well? Yes. My boys are very hard on their shoes.
  • Can I find a deal on these shoes? Yes.

Once I go down the list of questions, I can not deny the fact that they want the shoe. My boys asked for a pair of LeBron shoes about 1 1/2 years ago and my husband grabbed a great deal because we went down the check list of questions. They got a ‘Yes’ for all questions and now the shoes are finally running their course.

If you are wondering where can you find these Kyrie Irving shoes on a great deal, look no further I took the liberty of looking for you and placed a link here.

Kyrie Irving Crossover 2

Foot Locker $79.99

Finish Line $79.98

Literally, both places have a great sale on the shoes. They are practically the same price. It just depends on your preference of ordering and if they have the shoes size you need.

I hope my check list will help you when you consider buying your child some new kicks for school.