Date Night: Getting Back to How It Began


It’s time to get back to how it all began. I’m talking about date night for mom & dad. Yes, I said it. If you haven’t been out on a date in a while, it’s time that you do. The best thing for a relationship is to keep doing what you did to get you there. I’m talking about spending quality time with each other. No kids, just you and your significant other.

Spending quality time celebrating who you are as a couple really does help keep the relationship going. It ensures you don’t get lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Taking care of the kids, working, and doing the everyday tasks can really take a toll on a relationship. Spending time together really counts.

In today’s society, I am a part of a dying breed. I am a happily married woman with kids. I value the old school mentally, if you get married it’s for better or for worse.

Now a days, it seems that we live in a high divorce rate society. I am not knocking anyone for doing what they feel is right. Hence, the reason I say I am from a dying breed. There are not too many of us out there. I think that’s unfortunate. I would hate to have to go out and “date” in this society. It was hard enough to find the right guy for me nearly fourteen years ago. Do not fear. I have a few suggestions to keep the fire in the relationship.

Here are my keys to a successful marriage:

1. Communication: It is the most important key to any relationship. If you are incapable to compromise and talk out what you both would like as an outcome in any situation, including finances, it will only hurt your relationship. Don’t forget. Couples do argue and that’s alright as long as you can work through it without overstepping each other’s bounds.

2. Religion: It helps when both parties agree on the religion your family will follow. It only adds conflict when you disagree and confuses the children involved when both parents pull back and forth on what “they” should follow. Key tip: if you can agree to disagree and come to common ground, that is a great start. It will help open dialogue. With faith involved any relationship can soar.

3. Common Goals: When a couple comes together for the sake of starting & maintaining a successful marriage, having a common goal for your family will help keep the relationship on track. Continuing to communicate about your goals as a family & individual will ensure you do not resent each other for establishing goals you didn’t communicate about prior to taking steps towards those goals.

4. Dating: As I mentioned, going on a date night helps keep the fire in the relationship. Getting a few hours alone out on the town makes you feel rejuvenated as a couple. It each of you get what you need to feel appreciated in the relationship. So, take time to get extra “lovey dovey” on your date night. You deserve it! Trust me, I date my husband regularly. After 14 years this year, we are still mad about each other.

(Photo Credit: S.D. Henderson, Date Night. On our way to a New Edition Concert in Los Angeles, Ca. Check my Instagram for more pics.)