Mommy Time: Relaxing at Home

mom time relax at home

It’s been a long day and your errands are still not completed. You have to get the kids fed, bathed, and ready for bed before you can even take some time for yourself to feel like you can breathe. What do you do? Do you continue with trying to pack lunches for the kids last week of summer camp or do you take time for yourself?

I tell you what you can do is RELAX.  Relaxing is something we as mothers feel that we can not completely do. There is always a laundry list for us to complete before we hit the bed. Who’s to say we have to absolutely finish every single thing that is on that list? No one but ourselves. Sure, if you don’t finish lunches you will either have to scramble in the morning or buy them something in the morning for lunch. Would that be so wrong.

It’s not like they don’t get a good meal everyday right? Right.

I never used to take time for myself. Let me tell you it’s over rated, you are exhausted and feel over worked because you have two full-time jobs (motherhood/employment). I will tell you this, I do not do that anymore.

I have learned the hard way to take care of myself first before I try to take care of anyone else. If we do not learn to take care of ourselves, we are no good to our families. What are you doing to take care of yourselves? Are you taking time to relax?

I suggest you lay in bed watch a romantic comedy with some kettle corn or read a book before you go to bed. Allow yourself to wind down and soothe your nerves from the chaotic day you may have had. Hit me on Instagram (@sdhndrsn_writer) with your “mommy time” relaxation pics #MomTime.

“Why should I feel any less of a mother for taking time out for myself? I was a woman first before I became a mother.”   ~ S.D. Henderson, “Supermom, Celebrating All of Who We Are”