Back-to-School Safety Tips: Keeping Our Kids Safe

safety tips

Keeping our kids safe is our number one priority. Today’s society is so different from when I grew up. I was just discussing with my husband, I can’t imagine when my son starts sixth grade letting him walk to school as I did when I was in sixth grade.

I was what you would call a “latchkey” kid. Coming from a single parent home. I had to walk myself to school in the morning and back home from school. Do my homework before I could go play outside with my neighbor. Granted, I didn’t walk to school alone. There were several kids in my neighborhood that walked to school. I would walk one block to the school with my next door neighbor.

Luckily for my mom, I was a pretty responsible kid. I would make sure my homework was done and that I was back inside the house before she got home to make dinner for me. It was the first time we ever had to do that. In a new city away from my grandmother who used to pick me up all the time.

Going through that as a kid, being a mother now, I can’t imagine it. I scares me. I wouldn’t even want my kids to walk if they were in high school. Grated my oldest is in his last year of elementary. I have some years to pray and hope I change my mind. Not, that I don’t trust my kid, I have a hard time trusting others with my precious babies. What mother doesn’t feel that way. My mother still freaks out when she finds out I’m sick or something. I’m almost forty years old. I have some tips I use to help my children when going back-to-school & for an everyday usage.

My back-to-school safety review:

For Kids: 

1. “Stranger Danger”: Making sure our children know what to do about stranger danger is so important. Having kids in elementary school, it is forefront of my mind. Understanding that they need to know what dangers are lurking is most important. Teaching them what to do in that situation is key. Lesson: Scream loud so someone near-by can hear your cry for help. It not only helps during school time but outside of school also.

2. If your child is older, making sure they don’t get into a vehicle with someone they do not know. Having them understand who you would send for them in an emergency is key also. Life happens & you want them to be prepared.

3. If they are walking to school, making sure they are paying attention to their surroundings. Knowing if they are being followed by a vehicle, looking for the nearest public place they can run into for help.

4. A simple thought but for some a reminder. Look both ways before you cross a street. Not jetting across a busy street can safe a life. Even we adults can stand to review this one.

For Adults:

1. Parking: Make sure you park and use the cross walk before dropping your kids off at work.

2. Morning Drop-Off: Make sure you see your child walk into the gates of school. Take that extra minute for your sanity. I know a mother that did not do that. On a day she had no idea there was a substitute, the school phoned her saying her child was absent. Because she didn’t actually see her child walk into school that morning it terrified her. She rushed to the school & on her way there they phoned her saying it was a mistake. Well, that didn’t stop her from going her child’s school and seeing for herself that her child was safe.

If you are curious to know, it wasn’t me. It was an old coworker. It absolutely broke my heart to see her go through that.

I hope these tips help you start your school year off right.