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Ever get that feeling you need to change something in your routine? Something in your diet is just off. Maybe, you’ve been eating a little too much ice cream. Or maybe, you’ve been eating a little too much take-out. Then you think, maybe it’s all that Starbucks coffee you love to indulge in.

I don’t know about you. But, I sure get that feeling every once in a while when a certain outfit doesn’t fit that well and I know I’ve been slacking on the exercise regimen. I think I go through this every couple of weeks or so. I think, I need to layoff my Starbucks purchases. If you follow me on Instagram & Twitter, you know I love my Starbucks.

I have my favorite barista at my favorite location. She does make a mean Mocha Frappe for me too. But, it really just boils down to her memory. She asked me once how to spell my name and remembered. I love that!!

Who doesn’t love the personalization in their customer service? I know I do. However, every so often I feel like I may be over indulging in the coffee.

I never used to be one for drinking coffee so I only like iced coffee. I am not a full-blown coffee drinker where I can drink a whole cup of hot coffee. I usually only can take a couple of drinks of hot coffee. It’s terrible how much coffee creamer I add to my hot coffee.

As I think of the amount of calories in a mocha frappe, it freaks me out. I try to find excuses to rationalize that it’s not totally bad. I do put soy milk in my frappe not regular milk. That only gets me so far. I still end up feeling like I need a coffee detox every once in a while.

Laying off the caffeine, I find myself super sleepy. Taking a nap every weekend around the same time, all the time. Why, I am Supermom!!

Supermoms get tired too. Ripping and running with the kids, for the house, for work. The list goes on and on. What do I do when I feel the need to detox?

I find a lesser calorie coffee drink that will suit my fix in the morning when I need it. I drink more water. Clearly, if I feel the need to detox, I will drink my lemon iced water to do so. Finally, I increase my veggie intake. It does not hurt to increase the veggie intake in your diet for extra nutrients.

Let me know what you do if you feel like a coffee detox. Comment below. Let’s have fun with it!! Check my Instagram & Twitter today for a sneak-peak into my lower calorie iced coffee drink.