How to Enhance the Fire In Your Relationship

enchance the fire

Every relationship needs work. Whether it is a friendship, family, business partnership, significant other, or a marriage. All parties in a relationship need to put forth the effort to make the relationship thrive. What is the definition of a relationship?

The formal definition of a relationship is the way in which two or more people, groups, countries, etc., talk to, behave toward, and deal with each other (Webster’s Dictionary). Now there can be a romantic attachment to a relationship or kinship tied into a relationship. Let’s talk about the romantic relationship between husband and wife.

Being a wife for eight years, there were times I did not believe the “old wives” tale I would hear. For instance, “don’t go to bed angry.” Not being one for conflict and being one for holding what I felt in, this idea was foreign to me.

One day it changed. I was so upset at my husband for who knows what. I decided to take my kids and myself to church without him. Low and behold they were having a church wide marriage service. The first thing that caught my hard heart was the pastor’s wife saying that we as wives need to cater to our husbands wants, especially in the bedroom.

Seriously, I could not believe she said that. I was not having that idea. Well, I soon realized that maybe she was telling us some truth to why her marriage was successful for over twenty years. Granted, she did remind the husbands that day and so did her husband, that they need to cater to us as much as we need to cater to them.

If you are looking to enhance the fire in your relationship, you came to the right place. Try some of these suggestions to help enhance the fire in your relationship.

1. Date NightGet all dressed up. Put on some make-up, do your hair. If you have to, buy a new outfit. Go out to dinner and a movie. Start dating each other again. Just because you are married and have children doesn’t mean  you can’t go on a date. It just means you have to be more strategic in your planning.

2. Try Something New. Try something you don’t normally do in the bedroom for your husband. Now I’m not saying go out of your comfort zone where you will comprise yourself and your relationship. I’m just saying if he wakes up wanting to get frisky. Let him. You may enjoy it more than he will.

3. Be Open. Be open to the way you make love to your husband. Try a new position. Don’t just be complacent in the way you make love to each other. Maybe add some effects to what  you do. For instance, using baby oil, whip cream, or chocolate covered strawberries in your four-play will enhance the mood between you both. You may even get a kick out of it if it’s something you’ve never done before.

Hope you have fun in whichever way you decided to enhance the fire in your relationship.