Yippee!!! When Holding Back the Excitement Won’t Work

yippee blog title

YIPPEE!!! You know that feeling you get at that moment you realize everything that could be going right, is indeed going right. The kids did their homework without putting up a fight. They are working together to clean up after themselves. Getting their chores done before bed time. They leave you alone while you’re cooking diner.

The list goes on. It’s that complete feeling you get every once in a while when your are fortunate enough to experience this. Having young children close in age, you may not get these days often. However, when they happen they are very noticeable.

Those moments as a parent we just can’t ignore. We have to just jump up for joy!! It was the perfect day for your family. Ok. More importantly, it was the perfect day for you!!!

How do you show your excitement? Do you show it in front of the kids? “Woo Hoo!!!” Then they ask you what was so exciting and you have to not tell them the whole truth. In hopes that they don’t mess up your happy moment.

Do you silently scream for joy!! Act as everything is a normal day? Then celebrate when they go down to sleep.

Yup. That’s exactly what I do. I contain my joy inside and relish in it when they go to bed. I don’t get many of those days with four kids screaming for my attention 24/7. However, when I do I relish in the excitement.

Leave a comment. I would love to see the various ways everyone expresses their excitement when this happens for them. Is it everyday, so it’s a non factor? Or, is it hardly ever and when it happens you are literally jumping for joy?