How Good Is It for Your Child’s School to Know “The Family Name”?


Every parent that has children in school hopes to build a relationship with their child’s school. Why not? You are leaving your precious babies with them for most of the day. You want to know that your kids are safe, being cared for, of course you would want your kid’s school to know the family. Right?

An advantage of the school knowing who the whole family can be good if one of your children gets sick, the school can let their siblings know, should they leave school early. Right? Yes, in doing so the child/children left at school won’t feel bad if they don’t see their sibling on campus.

Not informing them can cause unwanted anxiety for the child/children. Some kids naturally get worried more than others. We as parents don’t want to add to their worry or discomfort if we don’t have to.

Of course, we think of a more health and security when we talk about our child’s school knowing who we are as a family/parent.

There is that dreaded topic in dealing with the school knowing what your family name. It doesn’t matter if you are a parent of an only child or a parent of multiple children. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the dreaded “misbehaving” behavior or behavior of “misconduct.”

No matter how you slice it, parents do not want the school to know your child/children for a bad reputation. The dreaded misbehaving in school is bound to happen at least once in your child’s school career. Why? No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. What matters is how we bounce back from those mistakes.

Now its the beginning of the school year now. If all is well with the kiddies in school, your back-to-school night should have rocked!

I just attended my kids back-to-school night and it literally rocked. I was solo for this occasion so it rocked my world. I have four kids in the same school. I was running late because of unforeseen detour.

I had to literally pop-in to three of my kids classes and I stayed for one of my kids classes. Luckily for me, three of the teachers know me and my children so those I popped-in and grab what information I needed. The other teacher was a first meeting so I had to give more time to that class.

The hilarious thing is that over the loud-speaker the principal had to call some children over. The class I was in chuckled and breathed a sigh of relief that it wasn’t their child. That is all we need to be the parent of the kid that was playing around when they shouldn’t be and got called out on it.

I don’t know. Maybe some parents are alright with that. But, I know I was glad my kids were behaving. After the massive running around I just did that night in a short time, that’s all I would have needed for my kid to get focused on for a behavior they might have not done before. It was in good fun. The children didn’t get in trouble of course. They were just told to behave.

Hope you are able to build that needed parent-school relationship. Here’s to happy parenting!!