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If you are like me, you love the “idea” of taking a fitness class. The idea of working-out in a fun fast paced fitness class is great right? Well, for some women it is. Others, not so much if you aren’t as coordinated as you may want to be.

I have always tried to exercise whether it be with a group of people in a class or by myself. I will admit it is a chore me. I’m not very good at it.

One may think, “how can you not be good at working-out?” You just go in a gym join a class or even just hit some weights.

Well, we all should know and realize working out is not that easy. There are rules to working out. For instance, making sure you eat some protein an hour before you workout. Why you ask? To ensure when you workout you are equipped with the energy from the protein you have just eaten. Also, it helps to build muscles properly when you go in to the gym and workout.

Now, I didn’t just learn that. I was taught that by a trainer I once had. Yes, I said trainer. I am not that great when it comes to stepping in a gym. I become dumbfounded at the whole elements of the “iron paradise,” as what the “Rock” calls it. It doesn’t fail. I step inside the iron paradise and my head turns.

I start asking myself silly questions. What do I start with? Are they looking at me? Am I dressed right? My shoes aren’t as cute as her shoes. Like that really matters.

I always thought it didn’t matter. However, I was once told if you don’t look good, you don’t feel good. In the gym it is a good idea to go dressed to impress yourself. It doesn’t help you if you have been going to workout and have loss some weight, for you to see yourself in the mirror in the same old clothes that no longer fit you. It’s good for you to recognize your progress.

Let’s say you wanted to take a class. That’s awesome right! Right! For me, it’s not so awesome. Why? The back of the class is always taken. I know. Just like you may be intimidated to walk into a new class when you were in school, its intimidating for me to go into a workout class.

As a preteen, my mom and I thought it would be great to take an aerobics class together at the local park.  (Yes, I said aerobics. I know. I’m dating myself with that one.)

The idea was great. She even got one of her friends in on it with us. We were all going to go get fit. Get started on a healthier way of living by getting physically fit. Not so long after we joined, we soon found out who out of our trio were the uncoordinated ones. Yes, it was me. However, I was not alone. My moms friend was also uncoordinated.

We were so badly coordinated, all we could do was laugh. The aerobics teacher even laughed at us. She saw we were trying and said to keep it up. She went right and we went left. Not because we wanted to. We were just that uncoordinated.

So much so, if I can’t get in the back its over. Well, I will say I do try to get in the front sometimes. However, I like to watch what other people are doing when I’m in a new class. I want to make sure I’m doing it right. Why not right. If you’re going to do something, you better do it right. Or get damn near close to it.