With all holidays Halloween seems to be the one where all the different crafty, scary items seem to come out. Why not? ‘Tis the season of scariness, right? I love to embark on fun things for the family to do during Halloween. My all time favorite thing to do is to make some caramel apples.

It reminds me of my childhood. I remember everything from buying the perfect apple to melting the caramel for dipping.

I do have to give it up to the parents that get super cute designs for their apples. I will say, this year it has inspired me to go a little over my norm. Growing up, I would do a basic caramel apple. No toppings, just plain ol’ caramel.

This year I have went a little over my norm by adding sprinkles. Ha ha ha. Yes, for me all that is needed more is just a little. For example, look at the beautiful photo above, courtesy of Canva designs. The caramel apples look to die for.

However, for a mom of four kids under the age of 10, it’s not the best thing when they are already active kids on a normal day. I do not want to do anything to add to them being over that limit.

Yes. I can say it is bad for their health. It’s bad for their teeth. It may be a little too much for their little tummy’s to take in, resulting in having a stomach ache. Sugar in large consumptions can lead to childhood diabetes. Sugar consumed in any amount turns into fat that can lead to childhood obesity. All valid and true facts.

However, it  isn’t the reason I choose not to do it. Like I said my kids are already active and healthy. It’s only for my pure selfishness. Being a mom of four, I like my relaxation time. More and more I find myself needing peace and quit. Who doesn’t feel that way once in a while. You need time to unwind. We can’t be our best selves if we’re running “on” all the time. Sometimes turning it down is the only way to get it.

I will say I love to have my kids experience the little things like making caramel apples. Especially, if its something new.

My keys to keeping it low-key:

  • Purchasing Smaller Apples
  • Not buying the complete ingredients to make lavish designs
  • Keeping it to a minimum


  • It helps with your feeling of guilt if the kids eat a little. No explaining to the dentist why they have cavities.
  • Keep it simple. Kids don’t care, as long as they have something.
  • Invite more people to enjoy in the fun helps you keep yourself and the kids from eating everything in one night and getting the tummy ache.

Look out this weekend for my family fun with our candy apples on Instagram @sdhndrsn_writer.