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Veggies are probably on the top ten list for most kids as their least favorite thing to eat. Seriously, who loves to snack on veggies. Especially, when that sweet tooth kicks in. I suppose there are some of you that like to snack on veggies. But, if you have any kid like one of mine, not all veggies are their first choice to eat. What do you do when that happens? Look for new ways to disguise them.

My oldest son has not always liked to eat veggies. I still have some issues as far as getting him to try new foods out. I have been trying to disguise some veggies for him for over nine years. Yes, I said nine years. Ever since he went from baby food to solids, it has been a chore to get him to eat all his fruits and veggies. Literally, feeding him his baby food was fantastic. There weren’t too many things he didn’t like. As soon as I had to transition him from that to finger foods/solids. He went right in the opposite direction I wanted him to go in as far as eating is concerned.

I have tried different things over the years. The fist thing I tried was disguise veggies in a different dish. Let me elaborate.

I purchased a cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld, Deceptively Delicious.”  It is a good book. She has some great recipes in their. However, at the time I was trying these recipes out. I don’t know what happened. My son had some sort of inner texture detective in him that almost everything I tried he could tell it just wasn’t how I used to make it.

Only a few recipes took with him. The French Toast recipe and the Pancake recipe. I was able to disguise some veggies in these two recipes. As I look back on it today, I was disguise something in them that he actually loves, Sweet Potato. My son loves sweet potatoes.

Now a days I have discovered a new way to get them eating something different. What is it? Veggie Corn Dogs and Sweet Potato Fries. I know, sweet potato again. He still doesn’t like it in this form as a fry. However, it’s a dish I like to pair together. The veggie corn dogs are from Sprouts and taste very good. They are made from soy protein. Not so much as eating real veggies. But, it gives me an alternative to something different for them to eat. I also love to eat them. It helps me feel included when they want to eat regular kid item dishes that I usually can’t eat anymore.

I’ve taken the liberty of linking the cookbook I tried some years ago. I don’t get anything from this. I just thought you would like to try it if you are looking for something different for your kids to try. Happy Cooking to you!!