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How are you going to stay healthy during the holidays? That is the last thing on the mind now. Or is it? I know I have been thinking of ways I can stay healthy during the holiday. I certainly do not want to pack on the extra weight that comes from all the overwhelmingly amount of food during the holidays.

I have also been looking for different ways to enhance my health that will withstand throughout the new year and years to come. First and foremost, we need a regimen that will do what we want it to do. For instance, I need a regimen that will help me tone the areas I need to toned on my body. To assist in my full health transformation, I need to ensure I stay on my healthy eating practices.

Exercising at the local park with my family.

The first thing on my to do list is to get my kids signed up in an activity at our local YMCA. They haven’t join an activity there in a while. However, its time for me to get it done. Why? It will free up some time for me to hit the gym at least once a week. Getting the kids involved in an activity will continue their desires for fun and being involved in an extra curricular activity. Also, the YMCA will allow me to place my youngest child in babysitting so I can get some me time in to continue to get my health together.


20161113_212559Next on my list is to find me some recipes that are easy to make and  vegan or gluten-free. I am really trying to embrace the whole eating healthier bit. If you haven’t read my blog before, my body does not agree with dairy. Therefore, eating a vegan meal for me will help because its non dairy. Don’t get me wrong. I love dairy, just can’t have it anymore. In actuality, if I really think of it, it’s not a bad trade-off. Dairy has a lot of fat calories that can increase your weight. As a person trying to decrease weight gain and increase muscle gain, the eating the wrong fats is not what you want to do. I am going to try the Vega one all-in-one nutritional shake soon. It has a recipe in the back of the package on how to drink it, its nondairy, gluten-free and right up my alley. Just can’t wait to see how it will taste. Taste is everything. If it doesn’t look good, it won’t taste good, in my opinion. Hopefully, I chose the right shake for me. I will let you know.

Looking towards the future and your overall health should be an incentive to do what needs to be done and get it right. That is the path I am on. On a path to great health. Hope you will join me!! #HealthyMoms

(I am not receiving any pay or free products from the Vega One family. It is just a product I thought I would try.)