The holidays are here and its a time where we reflect on the blessings we have. I have enjoyed the holidays. I absolutely love this time of year. It’s a time I love to see children embrace the holiday season. Learning the true meaning of Christmas and all the joys that come with it.

It warms my heart to see my children enjoy the holiday and learn to give back to those in need. With a heart of gold, they embrace the idea of giving to others is a blessing.

My children give back to other children by assisting with raising money through their own hard work. Doing extra chores around the house, emptying their own piggy banks so they can donate it to the church fund to buy gifts for kids in need. It makes me proud that they have a giving heart.

We also go to the stores to help out by purchasing a toy for a child so we can donate an unwrapped toy to church. Giving back by donating a toy or money is just one way we can give back to those in need.

Another way we can donate to those in need is by donating our time. There are places that need volunteers to assist those in need. Whether it is volunteering at your child’s school, the local food bank, volunteering always warms the heart of both those who are volunteering and those receiving the benefits from the assistance.

My Christmas wish for all of you is for you to have a blessed day and holiday season. Remember the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from my family to yours!