Did you stick to the goals you set out for yourself in the beginning of the year? Certainly, there are some goals that may not have come to pass completely. However, the goal is to try to completely our goals with grace and expectancy.

goals for 2016These were my goals for 2016.

  • Exercise
  • Pay off Bills
  • Save Money
  • Eat Healthy


Well, I will say I add heard to most of my goals for the year. I will say I exercised this year. Although, I did not do at as frequent as I hoped for. However, I am excited to continue this process of making exercise a routine and not a chore.

I paid off all my bills!! Woo Hoo!! Financial Freedom. Yes, it feels great to set out a goal and complete it. Especially, one of financial freedom. Now, I know it is hard to achieve these goals for some. There are ways to help even the smallest of budgets get on track to these financial freedoms I speak of. I have heard many people I know go through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class. Although, I am not one that went through this class, I know how it has helped those people that surround me. I think it is worth giving it a look over and seeing if it is worth it for you and your family. Remember, do your research before committing to this program or any program for that matter. Researching, before you purchase items/programs such as this is worth all the effort.

I have managed to do the other two items on my list also, save money and eat healthy. Although, it may not be in the millions, in regards to money and calories, I know I am on the right track to where I want to be as a person and a mother. Yes, a mother.

I have to be the example my children need in order to learn from. If I don’t teach them they will not know anything about working hard and saving towards your future. It will take them that much longer and harder for them to learn that lesson in life.

Including they way we manage our calorie intake. All lessons to learn that will assist in the growing up stage. When you think about these aspects go hand-in-hand. Eating healthier, exercising, and saving money. The obvious combination of eating healthier and exercising are a given. If you through in saving money, you will help yourself in not spending money on things you don’t need. For instance, spending money on food you want and don’t need. An over-intake of calories when we indulge in the things that will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. A lesson I am learning in my adult age. However, it is a lesson I am willing to teach my children about so they can lead a healthier lifestyle.

I would love to hear how you are wrapping up your year. Leave a post. Lets discuss.