Uncharted Waters: Shopping Around For Schools

(Image Credit: Canva)
(Image Credit: Canva)

“You better shop around,” famous lyrics by a 1960’s song by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. Growing up it was a phrase my mother would use in reference to the song. I never quite understood why she always sang that song to me when I would ask her a question. The song speaks of love between a boy and a girl. His mother advising him to “shop around” before he makes a commitment to a particular young lady.

These simple lyrics they placed together is simply true in other areas of your life.

Apply that concept to schools. People look for colleges to visit and tour to see what is a perfect fit for them. What they make like about one college may not be available at another college.

I’m currently shopping for a middle school for my son. Yes. It’s the beginning of his fifth grade year and I’m already having to shop for a middle school. Sure, he could go to a school that is considered in the neighborhood of our address. But, is it the school for him? With so many choices of schools in today’s society, it gives us parents a more difficult choice to make.

We all want the best for our children. In which, includes what schools we place them in. Wanting to give our children what we didn’t have is the first reason for most parents when considering what school they attend. In searching for a school for my son, I came up with a list of questions to help us parents in deciding which school is best for our kids.

1) Private or Public (Public with an option in Magnet)
a. Do you place them in a school opportunity in what may influence their future?
b. Does the school offer “electives” your child would excel in?
2) Does the school have an after school program available for the working parent?
a. Do you let them walk/bus home & wait until you get off work?
i. Bus Option: School Bus Available or Public Transportation Only
3) How far of a commute is it from home to school to work?
4) Do you let your child have a choice in a variety of your preferred schools?
a. Reminding them you will consider their voice. But, ultimately you will decide what school would work best for them & for you.

The goal I have is to find a school that our children would benefit from going to. Public schools are good. But, some are preferably better than others. Happy school hunting to you!