Do you remember growing up and you heard a sound from a new group. A group that absolutely took you to your happy place? A place where you were dancing around like a wiggly worm. Hopefully, it was a wiggle worm with some rhythm. If it wasn’t, who cared!

You were young, full of energy and no cares in the world. As long as you had fun, that’s all that mattered. Right?

That is exactly how I felt about one particular R&B group, New Edition. I can almost remember the day I first heard them. But, I can’t. I do remember my continuing love of their sound. The lyrics, the melody, the boys.

Ha. Yes as a girl, who can deny the good-looking men in a group. Boys at the time of their stardom, it didn’t matter to a girl like me.

1980’s (Photo Credit: 93.9 the

With Top Hits like

“Candy Girl” 1983

“Mr. Telephone Man” 1984

“Cool It Now” 1984

“N.E. Heart Break” 1988

“If It Isn’t Love” 1988

“Can You Stand the Rain” 1988

With others in between, the group separated and went on to different paths. Which spawned solo careers for Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill. Last but not least the group BBD which was formed of Ronnie DeVoe, Michael Bivins and Ricky Bell.

New Edition (Photo Credit: Live Nation)
New Edition (Photo Credit: Live Nation)

In 1996, the group came back together for a “Home Again” album. I was so excited. A loyal, I had to go out and purchase their CD. Being grown men, this album had their “grown and sexy”  hits like “Hit Me Off” and “How Do You Like Your Love Served?”

Too grown and sexy for me at as a teen about to turn 18. Who cared. Those were my men. You couldn’t tell me anything different.

In 2016, New Edition set off on tour with Baby Face. I was not going to miss this concert. New Edition had been to town prior to that. I missed that concert. Like anything else in LA, you have to jump on it immediately. At that time, I didn’t jump on it as fast as I should have.


My Husband & I at NE Concert 2016

Eager to attend, I grabbed my tickets for my husband and myself and I was off!! I was not prepared to feel the way I felt seeing my childhood boy band crush. I felt like I was a little girl all over again. OK, only in the sense of crushing on guys like I did when I was a kid.

Luckily, my husband didn’t mind a bit. Although, he probably would if I was face to face with any one of the group members.

Episode “Hollywood At Last” (Photo Credit: I Love Lucy Pinterest)



Married and all, I would probably pull a “Lucy.”

You know, get all silly crazy behind a celebrity. Like pictured to the right. Lucy excited to be in Hollywood goes to the Brown Derby to see if she can spot a celebrity. Low and behold she spots her favorite actor Bill Holden.

But seriously, I don’t get that crazy.

I do enjoy attending a good concert from my favorite band.

New Edition has some exciting news. Their story will finally be told. Next week, New Edition’s story will be told on BET starting on Tuesday January 24th . In a three-part edition that will run Tuesday through Thursday.

You will believe my DVR is set to record.

The most exciting thing I find about listening to your favorite band is the reminiscing. Going back in time through song. A lot of memories can be link to a song. For example, your first kiss. What song was playing when this happened? Your first date with that special someone. The first time you met your future spouse. The song that reminds you of your grandmother.

Songs can be linked to all sorts of emotions, including the sad ones. The thing to remember is the joy that comes to all people through song. No matter what genre is your favorite, songs all produce an emotional connection between the artist and the listener.

How do you remember your first love of music?