Valentine’s Day Activities for the Kids


It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day. In celebrating as a parent, you can’t forget about the kids. Before you set off on your special date night with your honey. How about some fun day activities bonding with the kiddos?

My kids love Valentine’s Day. Being that my kids are still in elementary school, they love all the treats they get from their friends at school. We have fun getting them prepared. From shopping for cards to give their friends to shopping for goodies to make at home.

I have to prepare ahead of time with ideas of what would be fun for them to do. For example, do we do cupcakes this year. Should we make cookies by hand with the cookie cutter.

I even try to do a date night with the kids.

As I was searching for fun activities, I came across some worth while recipes to try. I think the kids will like it.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Cookie: Betty Crocker’s Ultimate Valentine’s Cookie doesn’t look too hard to handle if you have all the ingredients and tools to make your own cookie.

Valentine Sandwich Cookies: These Betty Crocker’s sandwich cookies look amazing! Their recipe is super easy. So easy that on their site it’s called Easy Valentine’s Sandwich Cookies.

Be My Valentine Cookie: If you like the “big” cookie idea. Here is one for you. I even saw the heart cookie pans on sale this year at some retail stores. Personally, I didn’t purchase one. But, as I’m writing this I’m thinking I should have. It would have been nice to try.

These recipes are just a few ideas to think about when you are preparing for your Valentine’s dates with your kiddos.

Personally, I’m not sure which one I will try or if I will try any at all this year. Some alternatives could be going to the market to purchase the prepackaged heart-shaped cookies and some icing to decorate it. Well, let the kids decorate it.

I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day with your family, friends, significant other and whomever you spend your day with. If you don’t have plans with anyone and your plan is to enjoy yourself. That’s great too! I have that plan myself this year.

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(All recipes are links to the site in which all recipes ingredients, etc belong to. Links are to inspire fun family time activities.)