Love-Hate Relationship with My Kids Extra Curricular Activities


Most kids love to go outside and play in the sun. Whether or not its with toys is the question. As long as they have their friends or family, if you can get a kid to play its an awesome feeling. In today’s day in age, we have so many distractions like electronics to keep them from going outdoors. Now, granted there are some kids who don’t like to play outside and would rather stay inside fueling their artistic side, that awesome too.

However they get their exercise is up to their parent.

I for one love my kids to be involved in any type of exercise. It gives me a great feeling to see them build a life long love of exercising. Lord knows I don’t have that one. It had to be learned. To tell you the truth, I’m a life long learner. I don’t have that inner urge to exercise.

I work at it all the time.

But, when that day comes when my children ask to join an extra curricular activity, is the day my mind cringes.

On the outside, I am ecstatic that they want to venture out and try something different, new, or simply continue with an activity they love very much. On the inside, I’m already freaking out about how am I going to do this.

I have 4 kids. It’s not an easy task to have all 4 in an activity. Why? Let’s examine a day in a life of a parent whose child is in an after school activity. Let’s say you have a kid that is into basketball or baseball. That kid is going to have to go to practice at least once a week, with a game on the weekend. Not to mention the cost of uniforms, etc.

Then factor in the making sure they keep up with their homework, studies, etc. You have to eat dinner. The team may travel. Now that’s a whole other topic in itself. Travel teams are triple the cost and the travel.

Now think of someone like me. I have 4 kids.  So that’s 4 times the activities they want to do.

Now I have been able to get away with only having the 2 older kids in activities. But, the young ones are ready so I have to be ready. They have been in activities in the past. But, they are young and still finding what makes them happy. The older 2, they are boys-boys. They love to play sports. They eat and sleep sports.

We are all a sports family.

But, I do love the fact that extra curricular activities are a good way for the kids to meet new people, stay in shape if it’s an athletic sport, and keep them busy. I don’t like the fact that it’s a sure-fire way for mom to do all the taxi cabin’ around. Yes, mom’s taxi cab.

Hence, my love-hate relationship with extra curricular activities. Lol.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am the crazy mom in the stand. I will cheer my kiddos on full throttle with whatever activity they choose. Why? Because I love them. Don’t we all. We all love our kiddos and would do anything for them, even the love-hate relationship things.