Are You Taking Time Out For You?


Ever feel like you need to get a way? Like you need to escape from the whole world or at least your immediate world. Spend some quality time with yourself. I have been ignoring the urge to do just that for a while now. It is now an undeniable urge that just had to happen.

Well, I did just that!

I spent some time to myself last week and it was much-needed. Now, I have been on a mind, body, soul kick for 2017 #mbs2017 trying to get myself in a complete zen mode. But, as we all know it is hard to do especially, when you find yourself being pulled from different directions. Being a working mother of four, I understand the everyday challenge.

I spirit of my mind, body, and soul journey, I decided to do something I haven’t done in quite a while. I took a day off of work during the week just for me. When you find yourself like me, working a 9-5, tending to the kids, the husband,  your own company and no time for you,  it can be tiring.

I had planned to go out-of-town for a family function. Unfortunately, for the family, we couldn’t make it. Lol. I thought to myself, why don’t I just keep my planned day off and spend it rejuvenating my soul and spirit.

I was so excited!!

Bubbles the Fish

I had the kids at school, the babysitter still tending to my youngest like regularly scheduled, my husband at work. All I had at home was my fish Bubbles and myself! It was heaven!

Peace and quite is just what the doctor ordered. But, we all know being busy people we can’t always just sit down. Lol.  What did I do to combat the silence. I decided to make myself a salon appointment.

If you have been keeping up with my Instagram, you may have seen my photos I have been sharing photos of my new and improved look.  If not, that’s OK.

I decided it was time for me! It was long overdue that I spent time dating myself. 

We often pack our busy schedules with things that concern everyone else but us. Now, for those moms who’ve got that down, awesome!! I commend you for tacking that task.

Taking time out for ourselves is always hard.

It is something I constantly work on. Making sure I am not being a “People Pleaser” is not something I’m used to. I do take joy in making other people happy, which is great as long as we don’t let it go too far.

In majority “People Pleaser” cases, the pleasers often get taken advantage of. Why? Because they don’t say No. I find that hilarious now that I’ve gotten rid of that bad habit. Lol. I know, it is only hilarious if you’re not in that situation. In all seriousness, in order to be rid of a “bad” habit, you have to replace it with another habit. Way your options. How is saying Yes going to benefit everyone involved? Is this person going to be alright with your reason to say No?

They should be. Saying No because you truly are unable to help should not offend anyone.

We are called to be loving, joyful, kind, good, faithful and gentle towards others. But, when we let them take advantage of those attributes is when it becomes a problem.

A problem for the person giving and not receiving. Yes, it is better to give, then to receive. But, some people take overstep the bounds in that arena.

Oscar Wilde Quote (image credit: Canva)

How do you know when its become a problem?

The moment you feel like you lost yourself. Lost in a relationship, whether it is in a personal or work related relationship, when it feels like you are drained just by the sight of them, its beyond time that you stand up for yourself. Don’t allow yourself to feel like you are lost in someone who isn’t returning the same genuine feeling.

If you find yourself in danger of losing yourself in a relationship, reevaluate it. Seek alternate advice from a professional if that is necessary. Remember, it isn’t selfish to want to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself includes all the way down to your soul.