Mamas Job Is Never Done. No Sick Days Allowed.

Isn’t that how we feel? A mother’s job is never done. Just as it is a feeling it is a true statement. Let’s think of all the jobs we have as a mom. Mother, teacher, nurse, doctor, chef, chauffeur, personal shopper, et al.

Just touching the surface we have a lot of jobs that need to get done. It seems with all of these duties there is no time to get sick.

That’s why it is so important to expand your community. Because when you get sick nothing gets done. Or at least, nothing gets done the way we want it. I got sick really bad recently. As I say recently, I literally mean recently. I am still getting over my illness as I sit here typing this.

I initially thought I had just a bad cold accompanied with cough. As the days were passing it was noticeable that I needed to see a doctor. If you follow my Instagram you would have seen my post from the doctor’s office. The picture above is the picture I took at the urgent care doctor.

Having had full intention of taking my 4 kids with me to the doctor. Why? I am Supermom!! I can do all things! Ha! Great thought. My kids wanted to stay with their aunt, cousins, and our other family members that were at the house. Thankfully, my sister-in-law said to go ahead and she would watch them for me until I’m done.

While sitting in the doctor’s office, I quickly realized how exhausted I was and how thankful I was not to have the kids with me. I made it to the doctor but was too tired and sick to make it anywhere else.

However, as I rest and try to get better that’s when I realize, mom really can’t get any sick days. Why? The kids and hubby taking care of the house isn’t quite how you would do it. But, at least they try.

There are so many chores that need to get done. Like buying the groceries, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking dinner. The fridge doesn’t get full because mom didn’t buy groceries.

What do we do? We muster up the strength and micro manage. Show them mom is not the only one who does this and shouldn’t have to micro manage to get things done around the house!

It works for a while. But, use that to get you back to full capacity. As we know, mom is the backbone of a family. We have to take care of ourselves.